Our Services - Expediting Permit

From small renovation jobs to full-scale property development, there are many regulations you need to follow for construction project in New York City. All of these projects require a permit expediter that can manage regulations, zoning rules and building codes quickly and efficiently. To meet every permitting need, we work closely with property owners and managers, architects and engineers, and plumbers and contractors at most NYC agencies to bring you the following services:


  • Building Department Filings Alt 1, Alt 2, Alt 3, NB, Place of Assembly
  • Professional Certification Filings
  • Building Department Plan Examination Scheduling & Attendance
  • Answering Objections/Audits
  • Final Approval
  • Post approval amendments (PAA)


  • Application Preparation
  • Insurance and Bond Requirements
  • Permit Submittals
  • Contractor’s Registration / Tracking Numbers


  • Building Code Review
  • ADA Compliance
  • Application Preparation / Tracking


  • Special Inspections
  • Equipment Use Permits
  • Final Sign-off / Letter of Completion
  • Certificate of Occupancy